Why Choose Us?

This will probably be the most important page you will read in your search to find the right remodeler for your home. One of the main reasons to use ReLiveIt Remodeling LLC is our experience. I have built over 2000 homes in my homebuilding career, which gives me the experience needed to advise you correctly on every aspect of your remodeling project, and thus minimizing pitfalls and 20/20 hindsight. When you call ReLiveIt Remodeling LLC, my partner and I will come to your home and discuss your remodeling needs in detail with you. After understanding your desires, we can point out any potential pitfall, to eliminate as much hindsight as possible.Why We want your job to finish as you envisioned it. We will not accept anything less than 100% customer satisfaction. That is why we do not accept every job presented to us. There must be a good fit between the customer and our company so that everyone can be happy with the outcome. Sometimes personalities clash and it is best not to consummate deals when this occurs. We recognize that this is your home. It is also a huge investment on your part, and you have to continued to live in your home during the renovation process. We will make every effort to minimize the disruption of your daily use of your home, but minor nicks, dings, and debris intrusions will occur, but all will be handled before we leave. One important thing that we do, that many remodeling companies do not do, is to secure lien waivers from all workers who work on your property, every time they are paid. At the end of the process we will give you all these lien waivers, including one from our company. This way, no one can claim they were not paid and attempt to file a lien on your property and cloud your title. Finally, there is one practice that ReLiveIt Remodeling LLC does not do. We do not take on more projects than we can handle. Many remodelers will exceed their capabilities and take on as many projects that are available to them. They know once they have a project started, the buyer is stuck with them until it's finished. They will start a project and then abandon it for days and weeks at a time while they go back and finish other projects. That will not happen at ReLiveIt Remodeling LLC. We closely monitor our schedules and try to have craftsmen and materials on the job at the right time to minimize delays. We limit how many jobs we will do at any one time, to try to ensure we complete your job on time.