Bathroom Remodels


Bathroom Remodeling: Endless Possibilities. Bathroom design possibilities are almost infinite and not limited by space considerations. Fabulous fixtures can be retrofitted into existing space to turn an ordinary bath into an opulent retreat. Texture, color, and dimension are defined with the creative use of floor and wall tile, decorative fixtures, countertops and bathroom accessories.Why Cabinetry provides elegance and storage and is available in a multitude of styles and finishes. Detail found in hardware, lighting and mirrors reinforce the overall design concept. Whether your space is large or small, ReLiveIt Remolding, LLC will combine design elements with innovative materials to make it spectacular in comfort and appearance. Your own private retreat...don't you deserve it? Call ReLiveIt Remolding, LLC at 910-690-2946 today for a free in-home consultation to start defining your vision and explore the bath remodeling possibilities that await you.